Past articles below on President Aristide and the 2004 coup to explain what happened: More recent articles and press releases are found on the right.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide on Democracy

Jean-Bertrand Aristide's Tumultuous Career

Travis Smiley and Maxine Waters Interview, March 1st, 2004

The Sorrows of Haiti:
A Primer for Recent Haitian History

Liberation Theology

Was Aristide Forced Out?

Was Aristide pushed?

Another Bush Brings Hell to Haiti

Haiti's Achievements Under Aristide and Lavalas - Now Lost Since the U.S. Led Coup Ousting Him

Haiti Redux

Godfather Colin Powell - The Gangster of Haiti

Coup Against Aristide - U.S. Occupies Haiti

Why they had to crush Aristide

Bush administration denies forcing Aristide's retreat

Haiti Coup: International Implications in the U.S. and Haiti

Aristide Details Last Moments In Haiti

Aristide deserves better from U.S.

'West stokes war to prove blacks can't rule'

Poverty and pride in Port-au-Prince

The Destabilization of Haiti

Aristide letter to OAS

Jean Bertrand Aristide: Humanist or Despot?

Year 501: The Tragedy of Haiti
by Noam Chomsky (1993)

Who Removed Aristide?

Washington was behind `coup’ says Aristide

U.S. played a role in pushing Aristide aside

CBC: Bush helped rebels oust Aristide

White House behind coup: Solidarity delegation wins access to Aristide

Aristide Loyalists Slam US

Return President Aristide to Haiti

Washington's Vendetta against President Aristide

U.S., France Block UN Probe of Aristide Ouster

Can Aristide survive?

Haiti after Aristide

On the way home from Haiti

A Break with Haiti's Past?

The overthrow of Haiti's Aristide: a coup made in the USA

Enemy Ally: The Demonization of Jean-Bertrand Aristide

The Attempted Character Assassination of Aristide

Haiti Coup: International Implications in the U.S. and Haiti

Haiti as Target Practice: How the US Press Missed the Story

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Haiti Progres

Haiti News

Haiti Reborn



Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

The Council on Hemispheric Affairs

San Francisco Bay View

Super Haitian

Ben Terrall from Haiti

Pax Christi International

Canada out of Haiti

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Aristide Articles in Francais

Association des Parlementaires Exilés pour le Retour à la Démocratie en Haïti


L'ex-président haïtien Jean-Bertrand Aristide rejette les accusations de déstabilisation

La république d'Haïti victime d'une désinformation scandaleuse

Lettre de premier ministre Yvon Neptune

Washington et Paris renversent Aristide Coup d'État en Haïti

More Articles:

Emmanuel Dread Wilme, in his own words

We Will Not Forget: The Achievements of Lavalas in Haiti

HAITI: A Brutal Regime Shows Its Colors

Fathoming Haiti's diplomacy

A Very Haitian Story

Thousands die since US regime change in Haiti

Haiti activists call for release of political prisoners, return to constitutional government

Latortue: A Liar - Statement of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Stop the "Lavalas cleansing" - the Genocide in Haiti

Haitian Lavalas Activist Calls for Solidarity

Priest's arrest an injustice that hits home

Violence in Haiti: Colin Powell and Gerard Latortue Blame Aristide, When the Blame Lies With Them

The Bill to establish the Independent Commission on the 2004
Coup d'Etat in the Republic of Haiti.

Jubilee Act

Aftermath of a Coup: The Other Disaster in Haiti

Message from a Jailed Priest in Haiti

Masked Haitian Police Shoot Children While Arresting Priest

Dennis Bernstein interviews Kevin Pina and Haitian Priest Father Jean-Juste

Freed because of Haitians

Haiti: Smoldering on the Edge of Chaos

Disappearing Haiti

In Defence of the Disinherited

Travesty of Justice in Haiti: Chamblain Goes Free, Latortue and Gousse Cement Their Authoritarian Credentials

Blood on the hands: A survey of Canada's role in Haiti

Canada in Haiti - Who Engineered the Overthrow of Democracy?

Resistance and Repression 6 Months After the Coup

Haiti Occupied: Full Support from US, Canada for Illegitimate Regime

The Attica of the Americas

Haiti Since the Coup

The Fire This Time in Haiti was US-Fueled

Human Rights Horrors in Haiti

End the Persecution and Intimidation of Lavalas Party Members

Truth behind overthrow of Aristide

Report of the Haiti Accompaniment Project
June 29-July 9, 2004

Remembering all the Ancestors and unherald freedom fighters

Haiti In Chains

Theologies: Liberation vs Submission

Let Them Eat Gruel

Haiti's Coup and the Constitution

Propaganda and Destabilization in Haiti

US trained Haitian rebels in Dominican Republic


The U.S. in Haiti as a corruptible element

What Would Jesus Do?

Haitian Cabinet studies ways to disarm gunmen

Summary of Events of the Attempted Coup d'Etat, Haiti, December 17, 2001

A Clandestine Interview from Haiti: Resistance in the Slums of Port-au-Prince

The Haitian Coup and the Tragedy of the Left

Haiti's Occupation

Witch Hunt in Haiti by the Bush and 'Boca Raton' Regimes

Hundreds of Corpses Fill Haiti Morgues

Political reprisals linger in post-Aristide Haiti

Destruction of Aristide

Haiti and the insanity of "official" denial

At least 9 demonstrators killed during huge march on Haiti's Flag Day

Haiti's Return to the Future, The Repression of Dissent

Haiti: A Marked Man/Toussaint Case

Aristide.Org was submitted in 2004 upon the removal of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti to act as a forum for proponents of Jean Bertrand Aristide, up to the election of Rene Préval in 2006. It is based upon the premise that President Aristide was removed from office because he had a preferential option for the poor.

Aristide is the sign of our time in the Lord's fight for the poor. Just like others became beacons of Christian light in their time, Aristide reveals the heart of God.

These articles and news reports reflect that light. Thanks to all who made that possible.

Haiti's agony-who's in charge?

by Rickey Singh

No Justice for Haiti's Jean-Juste: Interim government jails an opposition leader

by Aina Hunter

Why the U.S. and France hate Haiti

by Ed Kinane

Executive Blackmail: The Betrayal of Democracy in Haiti

by Jack Random

Where is Justice in Haiti?" update on Jean-Juste

by Bill Quigley

Travels in Haiti with Father Jean-Juste

by Bill Quigley

Aristide in exile

by Naomi Klein

Year 201: Imperialists Bring Horror to Haiti

by Anthony Fenton

Restored European Aid Could Make Free and Fair Elections at Least a Distant Possibility, as Haiti Continues to Fumble Along

Have the Latortues Kidnapped Democracy in Haiti?

by Anthony Fenton

From my prison cell...

by Annette Auguste

Where "Freedom" Talk Rings Hollow: The Attack on Democracy in Haiti

by Neil Elliott

How Haiti's Future May Depend on a Starving Prisoner

by Ginger Thompson

Aristide, 1 year later

by Claude Ribbe

Return to Constitutional Order

by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Thousands die since US regime change in Haiti

by Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Haiti's Most Famous Political Prisoners Announce Hunger Strike

by Bill Quigley

The Crucifixion of Haiti

by Nikolas Barry-Shaw

Haiti Still Torn by Violence a Year After Aristide

By Joseph Guyler Delva

Bush Administration 'Broke its own embargo to sell arms to Haiti police'

by Andrew Buncombe

Canada is Legitimizing Suppression of Haitian Democracy: Filmmaker

by Dru Oja Jay

Hearts of Stone

by John Maxwell

How Bush Brings Freedom to the World

by Tom Reeves

In Haiti, 'hunger in dark places' is real ...

by Mark Weisbrot

Class dynamics of Haiti's freedom struggle

by Andy McInerney and Ben Dupuy

"Thugs" In Haiti

by Judith Scherr

Death Watch for Human Rights in Haiti: The Massacre in the National Penitentiary

by Bill Quigley

Letter from a Haitian Jail

by Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste

Distorted Picture of Violence in Haiti

by Yves Engler

Cite Soleil Residents Fear Attacks
April 29th, 2006

U.N. accuses Haiti of massive illegal detentions
April 6th, 2006

by Charles Arthur

Two Views of the World
March 15th, 2006

The Patience of a People Abused
Nova Scotia PIRG
March 5th, 2006

Update from Pere Jean-Juste: Haiti and Health
Father Gérard Jean-Juste
March, 2006

Why we can not forget the past
by Harry Comeau

Turning Haiti Around Will Not Be Easy
National Coalition for Haitian Rights
March 2nd, 2006

Closing Haiti's "Open Veins" - Rene Préval's Impossible Mission
by Stephen Lendman

Canada, Haiti and the struggle for justice: An interview with Patrick Elie
by Derrick O'Keefe

Political prisoners hope for release in Haiti
Radio Jamaica
February 27th, 2006

A Basket to carry water
by John Maxwell

Interview du Président Jean-Bertrand Aristide
February 23rd, 2006

Aristide Ready for Return to Haiti
by Michelle Faul
February 22nd, 2006

Aristide says ally's victory was a vote for his return
by Jonathan Clayton
February 22nd, 2006

Washington reluctantly concedes Préval is Haiti’s president-elect
By Richard Dufour and Keith Jones
February 21st, 2006

Stop interfering in nation's politics
by Ira Kurzban
February 20th, 2006

No more Lavalas, the fire next time?
by John Maxwell
February 19th, 2006

Caricom hails victory of Haiti's Préval
Trinidad Express
February 19th, 2006

Averting Election Theft in Haiti
by Rep. Maxine Waters
February 17th, 2006

Warning of new Haiti intervention
US troop deployment sparks protests in Dominican Republic
by Bill Van Auken
February 16th, 2006

Préval declared winner in Haiti
By CBC News
February 16th, 2006

AHP reports Préval victory in Haitian elections might be made public at any moment
Agence Haïtienne de Presse
February 15th, 2006

Organizations mount campaign against UN mission in Haiti
by Thaís Leitão
February 15th, 2006

Haiti vote count grinds to halt with fraud probe
By Joseph Guyler Delva and Jim Loney
February 15th, 2006

Counting Some of the Votes in Haiti
by Brian Concannon Jr.
February 14th, 2006

Left, Right, Left, Right: Running off With Haiti's Democracy
by Anthony Fenton
February 14th, 2006

Poor fight 'rigged' election in Haiti
Daily Telegraph
February 14th, 2006

Peacekeepers Fire on Protesters in Haiti
By Stephenson Jacobs
February 13th, 2006

Plan of the Deceivers
by Dr. Frantz Large
February 12th, 2006

Another Canadian connection in Haiti: Clothes to die for
by David Evans
February 12th, 2006

The 'Pottery Barn' rules
by John Maxwell
February 12th, 2006

Initial Reports on elections in Haiti: Elektyon an Gate, the elections are ruined!!!
By Marguerite Laurent
February 7th, 2006

Kofi Annan's Haiti
by Justin Podur

New York Times editorial comment: "No Help to Democracy in Haiti
by Marguerite Laurent
February 3rd, 2006

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